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Emily McAllan's Botanical Witches

Emily is drawing these lovely witches for Inktober, using botanical prompts. She may be selling them at the end of the month, or giving them away as gifts on her Patreon.

Emily also does commissions! Her rate (October 2018) is $40. For more information, contact her.

For Emily's work in film, art, and photography, visit her website.

22. Eucalyptus
21. Shiitake
20. Thistle
19. Mandrake
18. Ebony
17. Iris
16. Dandelion
15. Forget me not
14. Cotton
13. Holly
12. ???

Who can say where the days go? Ink is less permanent than one might imagine.

11. Sage
10. Catnip
9. Hibiscus
8. Reishi
7. Prickly pear
6. Chamomile
5. Anemone
4. Henna
3. Acorn
2. Rosemary
1. Lavender